Opening Ceremony


Prof. Solange Lavielle


Prof. Jean Martinez

Plenary Lectures


Prof. Steven Ballet, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgique

"Engineering hybrid peptidomimetics for improved pain treatments"

Abstract Short CV_S Ballet.pdf
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Dr. Prisca Boisguerin, CRBM-CNRS, Université de Montpellier

"Screening protein-protein interactions by SPOT synthesis"


Abstract Short CV_P Boisguerin.pdf
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Dr. Didier Boturyn, I2BM-CNRS, Université de Grenoble
"Design of peptide vectors for the imaging and therapeutic applications"


Abstract Short CV_D Boturyn.pdf
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Dr. Ivan Huc, IECB & CBMN-CNRS, INP, Université de Bordeaux
"Foldamer-based protein mimicry and recognition"



“Nano-moteurs et Auto-assemblage”


Nano-moteurs et Auto-assemblage
Image JPG [3.5 MB]
Abstract Short CV_I Huc.pdf
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Prof. Olivier Lequin, LBM-CNRS, UPMC, Paris



Prof. Philippe Karoyan, LBM-CNRS, UPMC, Paris
"TSP-1 agonist peptide mimics triggering programmed cell ceath: from design to applications in cancer and chronic inflammation "


Abstract Short CV_P Karoyan.pdf
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Prof. Alain Milon, IPBS-CNRS, Université de Toulouse
"NMR structure and dynamics of the agonist peptides bound to opioid receptors"


Abstract Short CV_A Milon.pdf
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Dr. Maïté Paternostre, I2BC, CNRS-CEA, Paris Saclay

"Peptide assemblies: some of the rules of this complex puzzle"


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Dr. Alain Wagner, LFCS-CNRS, Université de Strasbourg

"Advancing chemistry for protein bioconjugation"

Abstract Short CV_A Wagner.pdf
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Prof. Thomas Ward, Université de Bâle, Suisse
"Endowing Chemistry with a Genetic Memory: Artificial Metalloenzymes"

Abstract Short CV_T Ward.pdf
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