GFPP Newsletter – September 2021

Dear colleagues,

The GFPP board members hope you have enjoyed the summer period and wish you a good return to work. Please find below information about upcoming virtual events as well as announcements of congresses to be held in 2022. You will also find PhD offers and other job offers recently posted on our website.

The GFPP board members

GFPP Newsletter – September 2021

Upcoming events:

The GFPP will be present at FORUM LABO Paris which will be held Porte de Versailles from October 5th to 7th, 2021. Come in large numbers to the presentations on the theme Peptides and Proteins: From structural studies to diagnostic tools which will take place on Wednesday October 6 from 10 am to 12:30 pm. For more details, please visit the website.


Thematic schools :

A CNRS thematic school on post-translational modifications (PTMs) in bacteria will take place in Aussois (France) from October 18th to October 22th 2021. During this thematic school , 3 axis will be discussed : – “Omics” techniques for the identification of bacterial PTMs. – Enzymes involved in PTMs. – Implication and role of PTMs in bacterial physiology and in host / bacteria interactions. All information is available on the GDR website . Mission expenses can be covered by your continuing education and free registration for CNRS staff.

The ChemBio GDR is pleased to announce its first thematic School « Méthodes et Concept en Chémobiologie: Utilisation d’outils moléculaires pour l’étude du vivant», which will take place in Touquet from November 22th to 26th, 2021. The following topics will be discussed: – Bioorthogonal chemistry; – Chemistry in vivo; – Bioconjugation; – Genetically encoded tools and hybrid chemogenetic approaches; – Characterization of targets and biological partners. For more details, please visit the website. Mission expenses can be covered by your continuing education and free registration for CNRS staff.

Congresses 2022 :

The “Joint Meeting on Peptides and Proteins GFPP22 & BPGM5” organized by the French and Belgian Peptide and Protein Societies will be held in Port-Leucate (France) from May 29th till June 3rd, 2022. We have gathered a rich program of plenary speakers, spanning cutting-edge topics in the peptide and protein science fields. For more details, please visit our website.


36th EPS European Peptide Symposium | 12th IPS International Peptide Symposium will be held at Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, from August 28 to September 2, 2022. For further details, please visit the website.

The « 18ème Rencontres de Chimie Organique Biologique (RECOB18) » will be held in Aussois from March 20th to 24th, 2022. The organizing committee is pleased to inform you that registration is now open. For further details, please visit the website.


Job offers:

  • CDI

Permanent position / Technical assistant / Department of Pharmacy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany (deadline 30/09/2021).

  • Master

Master 2 / Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Membranes and Nano-objects (CBMN), Bordeaux, France (deadline 30/09/2021).


Thanks for forwarding theses offers to anyone who could be interested.

More information on our website: Do not hesitate to contact us at to post new job offers, conferences, training schools, or any other information or request that you consider relevant.

Best wishes
The GFPP board members

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