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Why apply to/Advantages of a GFPP membership:
1/ access to a network of researchers and develop collaborations
2/ identify expertise on peptide science, from synthesis to applications
3/ share knowlegde and know-how
4/ find experts to take on new challenges
5/ gain recognition and visibility for our skills and expertise

Interactive table for finding GFPP teams by research themes

Chemistry of amino acids, peptides and proteins

Peptide natural products

Peptide biology


Structural studies of peptides & self-assemblies

Emerging peptide-based technologies

Peptide therapeutics & clinical applications

Peptide mimetics, peptoids and peptide nucleic acids

Peptide conjugates (sugar, lipid, nucleic acid, drug)

Peptide prodrugs

Peptide targeting & delivery

Proteomics and peptide bioinformatics

Peptide materials

Peptide computational studies & artificial intelligence

Peptides & green approaches

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