Bursaries for pratical training

The GFPP aims to promote the inter-laboratory mobility of young researchers and technicians for learning / using new techniques. The GFPP offers financial support available to researchers in the field of peptides and proteins who wish to make a short stay (typically 1 to 2 weeks) in a French or foreign laboratory. Since 2011, 10 young researchers have benefited from this financial support.

Two bursaries per year (500 € each) can be allocated by the GFPP board to cover part of the transport and accommodation costs.

Submit your application by providing a CV with a photo, a letter of recommendation from the two laboratories concerned by the mobility, and a description of the project (2-3 pages max).

Applications must be submitted to this email

The costs must be incurred by the person making the request and will be reimbursed upon return upon presentation of invoices. A brief report will be requested, which will be posted on the GFPP website.


StudentLaboratoryHosting laboratoryYearReport
Anaïs LutonCBMN, Bordeaux
IBMC, Strasbourg
Dr. Dominique BURNOUF, Dr. Jérôme WAGNER
Guillaume BoyBTSB, Institut National Universitaire Champollion, Albi
Dr. Arnaud BILLET, Pr. Michel TREILHOU
NorDic (Neuroendocrine, Endocrine and Germinal Differentiation Communication), Rouen
Dr. Jérôme Leprince
Nathan PicoisBioCIS, CY Cergy Paris
Pr. Thierry BRIGAUD, Dr. Grégory CHAUME
Equipe BISE, CBMN, Pessac
Dr. Lucille FISCHER
Ons KharratCBM, Orléans
Dr. Céline LANDON
- Plateforme BioPark, Archamps (Dr. Philippe Bulet )
- IAB, Grenoble (Dr. Cyrille Botte))
Marie PerrinCEA Saclay
Dr F. Ochsenbein
IECB, Bordeaux
Dr Gilles Guichard
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