Dr Meritxell Teixidó

Institute for Research in Biomedicine IRB Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology – Spain

« Blood-Brain Barrier Shuttle Peptides, From Discovery to Applications

Dr. Teixidó’s major interests are in the field of peptide synthesis and the discovery of peptide shuttles able to reach the brain and increase the transport of a wide range of cargoes including drugs, nanoparticles or diagnostic agents. With this aim, she is developing a toolbox of protease resistant BBB-shuttle peptides, mass spectrometry techniques and transport evaluation tools to be used to discover new shuttles that will improve the delivery of cargoes to the brain.

Meritxell Teixidó has published around 50 scientific articles and reviews and she has participated in 7 patents. In 2007 she won the American Peptide Idol first prize at the 20th American Peptide Symposium in Montreal, Canada. Since 2010 she is the national representative in the European Peptide Society Council and Chairperson of the next 36th EPS (European Peptide Symposium) and 12th IPS (International Peptide Symposium) (Barcelona, Sept 2020).

Dr. Teixidó has presented various oral communications in national and international scientific meetings. She has co-directed 8 doctoral theses. During her career, she has participated in several research projects founded by different national and international agencies and different patient associations. Together with Ernest Giralt she is principal investigator in the I+D project from MINECO: Peptides as therapeutic agents: modulation of protein-protein interactions and brain delivery.

In addition she has participated in various collaborations with industry (Menarini Laboratories, Farmhispania, Pharmamar, Cancer Research Technology, Zyentia Ltd., Janssen, Bioingenium, L’Oreal). More recently and through the initiatives such as Llavor, Producte, MAP-EADA and XXI Fòrum d’Inversió ACCIÓ, she has gain training and expertise in the Biotech Entrepreneur Arena.


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