Prof. Ines Neundorf

Institute for Biochemistry University of Cologne – Germany

“Towards the design and biological activity of cell-permeable peptide-drug conjugates

Prof. Dr. Ines Neundorf studied chemistry at the Universities of Freiburg and Leipzig. 2003 she obtained her PhD in Organic Chemistry (Leipzig University) and afterwards joined the group of Prof. A. G. Beck-Sickinger (Institute of Biochemistry, Leipzig University). 2011 she was appointed as Juniorprofessor for Biochemistry at the Institute for Biochemistry, University of Cologne, and since 2016 she is full professor at the same Institute.

Her main research interests are in the fields of membrane-active peptides, with a focus on cell-penetrating and antimicrobial peptides. Particularly, the use of chemical methods to tune cell selectivity of these peptides or to reach specific intracellular targets, as well as the synthesis and application of peptide-drug conjugates, are main topics in her group.


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