Dr Astrid Walrant

Laboratoire des Biomolécules LBM Sorbonne Université  ―  Paris – France

“Contributions of PIP2 to Penetratin internalization biophysical and affinity photocrosslinking approaches

I did my PhD in Paris, at the Laboratoire des Biomolecules, Pierre et Marie Curie University, under the supervision of Isabel Alves and Sandrine Sagan, between 2008 and 2011. My PhD work focused on the analysis of peptide/membrane interactions in the context of cell penetrating peptides.

In 2012, I joined Jenny Gallop’s group at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University, as a postdoctoral research fellow. I worked on the regulation of actin polymerisation by lipid membranes. My work focused on the regulatory role of certain phosphoinositides, membrane curvature and curvature-inducing proteins.

In 2014, I came back to Paris and joined the Laboratoire des Biomolecules as Assistant Professor attached to the Chemistry Faculty. My research focuses on the analysis of the mechanism of action of membrane active peptides (cell penetrating, antimicrobial, viral…) at a molecular level, using biophysical approaches.