the First International Conference on Metal-Binding Peptides (MBP’2020) will be held in Nancy, France from July 7th to 10th 2020.

MBP’2020 will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines around peptides and metals, from basic research to various applications. The idea of the initiation of this first congress is to gather academic and industrial scientists together, who are normally dispatched in different fields.

Methodologies and applications will be covered in different disciplines, including food, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, cellular biology, biology in general, catalysis, environment, origin of life and evolution, milk products, imaging, models, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health, materials etc. Peptides include synthetic peptides, expressed peptides, isolated from natural sources, peptidomimetics etc. and all type of metals (essential, toxic etc) present in form of ions, metal-ligand complexes, nanoparticles and so on.

Confirmed speakers:
Vincent PECORARO (University of Michigan, USA)
Henryk KOSLOWSKI (University of Wroclaw, Poland)
Nils METZLER-NOLTE (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany)
Wojciech BAL (University of Warsaw, Poland)
Olivier LUDEMANN-HOMBOURGER (Polypeptide group, Strasbourg, France)
Fouzia BOULMEDAIS (Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France)
Olivier SENEQUE (CEA, Grenoble, France)

Key dates:

Mid-November 2019: call for papers and opening of the submission platform
Mid-January 2020: opening of the on-line registration platform
End of February 2020: deadline to submit your papers
End of April 2020: notification of acceptance
20th May 2020: early-birds registration