Our missions

The French Peptide Society

Our missions

The French Group of Peptides and Proteins (GFPP) is a society funded in 1978 which brings together around 200 members who are de facto the participants in biennial congresses of the GFPP. It is administered by an executive commitee composed of twelve members elected during these congresses, as well as the French delegate at the European Peptide Society (EPS) who is elected every four years by the French EPS members.

The missions of the GFPP are:

1) to promote the development of research in the field of peptide and protein science.

2) to stimulate the circulation of national and international scientific informations in these fields. With this in mind, the GFPP organizes its  congress every two years (4 to 5 days), short thematic meetings (1 to 3 days) and manages a mailing list.

3) to participate in the training of young researchers, engineers and technicians from French laboratories. The GFPP regularly awards grants to: participate in international congresses in the field of peptides / proteins or fund inter-laboratory exchanges to disseminate new techniques and / or train young scientists in multidisciplinary approaches.

Article submission for publication on GFPP website

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Article submission for publication on GFPP website

You have been invited to prepare a GFPP Featured Article to be published on the GFPP website home page. This is a unique opportunity to promote your research and make your team more visible, given the number of visits GFPP website receives each day.

Please follow carefully the guidelines as not doing so will considerably delay the publication of the Featured Article. The GFPP reserves the right to not publish the Featured Article if quality standards are not met.

Pay particularly attention to:

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  • The quality of the text describing your work. This description is not the abstract of the article as published, which usually targets a specialized audience. In contrast, the description of the Featured Article must be  accessible to all GFPP community, which is diverse. Therefore, it should be accessible to the largest audience by being written in a didactic and attractive way.

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    Articles featured by GFPP !

    Aurélie Tasiemski

    Aurélie Tasiemski
    The environment shapes immune peptides

    Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) play a key role in the external immunity of animals, offering an interesting model for studying the influence of the environment on the diversification and evolution of immune effectors. Alvinellacin (ALV), arenicin (ARE) and polaricin (POL, a novel AMP identified here), characterized from three marine worms inhabiting contrasted habitats (‘hot’ vents, temperate and polar respectively), possess a well conserved BRICHOS domain in their precursor molecule despite a profound amino acid and structural diversification of the C-terminal part containing the core active peptide.


    Peter Faller

    Peter Faller
    Transporting Cu into Cells with a Peptide

    In Alzheimer’s disease (AD) copper ions accumulates in amyloid plaques, a hallmark of this disease. This copper likely originating from intracellular sources. The Cu in amyloid plaques is bound to its main constituent, the peptide amyloid-β (Aβ). Cu-Aβ can catalyze the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in vitro and is thought to contribute to the oxidative stress observed in AD. The paper reports on the development of a novel Cu shuttle able to restore the Cu balance between intra- and extracellular Cu. (more…)

    Jean-Philippe Combier

    Jean-Philippe Combier
    Short peptides to replace chemicals in agronomy 

    The current agriculture main challenge is to maintain food production while facing multiple threats such as increasing world population, temperature increase, lack of agrochemicals due to health issues and uprising of weeds resistant to herbicides. Developing novel, alternative, and safe methods is hence of paramount importance. Here we show that complementary peptides (cPEPs) from any gene can be designed to target specifically plant coding genes. (more…)

    Gilles Subra (Zervas Award 2020)

    Gilles Subra (Zervas Award 2020)
    Moulding proteins with amino acids 

    Gilles Subra received the Zervas award from the EPS in 2022 during the 36th EPS meeting in Sitges (Spain). With this recent article, he shares with us some of the innovative work pursued in his team.

    MIP (molecular imprinted polymers) are prepared by polymerizing monomers around a template. After the removal of the template, the cavities in the material will be able to recognise and recapture selectively the molecule of interest. (more…)

    From The Journal of Peptide Science!

    GFPP Newsletters

    GFPP Newsletters


    02/17, 2023: Registration to the 23rd GFPP

    Registrations to the 23rd GFPP are now open

    Key Dates for Registration :

    15th January 2023 : opening of registration

    15th April 2023 : deadline for young researcher GFPP bursary applications.

    15th May 2023 : end of early bird fee for registration.

    Key Dates for Abstract submission:

    15th April 2023 : deadline for oral communications submission

    15th May 2023 : deadline for poster communication submission.

    Registration fees includes :

    •Access to all scientific sessions • Abstract book • Full board accommodation (lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) • Welcome reception and gala dinner  at the Fournols d’Auvergne center • Excursions

    Different types of activities/excursions are proposed on tuesday afternoon:

    Please note that your registration will be effective upon receipt of your order form.
    Be aware that due to the reception capacity of the Fournols d’Auvergne Center, the number of participants is limited to 150 people.


    (a) The mentioned fees apply for a two-bedroom apartment with one twin- and one single-bedroom the bathroom will be shared in the respect of sanitary rules
    (b) The mentioned fees apply for a two-bedroom apartment with two single-bedrooms the bathroom will be shared in the respect of sanitary rules
    (c) The mentioned fees apply for private apartment including a private bathroom 

    (b) The mentioned fees apply for a two-bedroom apartment with two single-bedrooms the bathroom will be shared in the respect of sanitary rules
    (c) The mentioned fees apply for private apartment including a private bathroom 

    02/17, 2023: New jobs proposals on the GFPP website

    A new job proposal has been published

    Position typeTitleDuration (months)ContactLaboratoryCity, countryDeadline for submitting (day/month/year)Job description
    Postdoctoral Junior Leader fellowships”la Caixa” Foundation grants 25 postdoctoral fellowships for researchers of any nationality to carry out a research project in a STEM discipline (life sciences, experimental sciences, physics, chemistry, engineering, technology and mathematics) at universities and research centres of accredited excellence.3 years maximumSpanish centres accredited as excellent by the Severo Ochoa, María de Maeztu or Carlos III Health Institute seals of excellence, or at Portuguese centres accredited as excellent by the Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).5/10/2023
    2 pm Peninsular Spain
    Call website

    Postdoc in academiaDevelopment of fast-reacting amino acid thioesters for genetically-encoded incorporation into proteins18Dr Vangelis AgouridasChemical Protein Synthesis GroupLille, France15/10/2023
    Postdoc in academiaSupramolecular control of phase separation of intrinsically disordered proteins24Pr Vladimir TorbeevBiosystems ChemistryStrasbourg, France1/11/2023
    Other in IndustryChercheur confirmé (F/H) en Chimie organique
    Confirmed researcher (F/M) in organic chemistry
    CDIDr Catherine Pothion
    BIOMERIEUXMarcy l'Etoile, France30/11/2023
    Master M2 in academiaDevelopment of fluorinated Cathepsin D inhibitors as potential PET tracers for breast cancer imaging6Dr Chiara ZanatoBioCISNeuville sur Oise, France15/12/2023


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    Other events sponsored by GFPP

    Other events sponsored by GFPP


    Year Meeting title City
    2022 7th International Symposium on Antimicrobial Peptides – AMP2022 Paris
    2022 Ecole thématique du GDR MuFoPAM PAMOMICS Roscoff
    2022 MBP 2022.  International Conference on Metal-Binding Peptides: Methodologies and Applications Nancy
    2021 2nd PEPPERSchool Virtual event
    2018 Pepperschool Carry-Le-Rouet
    2016 Ecole thématique GDR MuFoPam Beg Meil
    2015 Symposium Foldamères Bordeaux
    2013 Paris Foldamers 2013 Symposium (COST Action CM0803) Paris
    2012 Bordeaux 2012 Symposium on Foldamers (COST Action CM0803) Bordeaux
    2010 Congrès international d’endocrinologie Rouen

    Submit job opportunities

    Submit job opportunities


      Master M1Master M2PhDPostDocOther


      Bursaries for the GFPP23 meeting

      Bursaries for the GFPP23 meeting

      Grants covering the costs of registration and accommodation at the GFPP23 meeting are awarded to PhD students or post-docs presenting an oral communication or a poster.

      Around 15 scholarships will be awarded by the GFPP23 scientific committee.

      To be considered for a GFPP23 grant , you must register, fill in the bursary request option in the registration form and submit your abstract for Oral Communication or Poster before 15th of April 2023.

      The results will be communicated by email. In the event of a negative response, the registration and accommodation costs will be payable by order form (only for French academic laboratories) or bank transfer.

      Organizing committee_23rd GFPP

      Organizing committee

      Scientific committee

      GFPP board members

      Local Organizing Committee

      Sophie Faure Conference chair
      Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF, UMR 6296) – Clermont-Ferrand

      email; website

      Grégory Chaume Conference chair
      Laboratoire Biomolécules : Conception, Isolement, Synthèse (BioCIS, UMR 8076) – Cergy-Pontoise

      email; website

      Olivier Roy Organizing committee member
      Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF, UMR 6296) – Clermont-Ferrand

      Simon Gonzalez Organizing committee member
      Laboratoire Biomolécules : Conception, Isolement, Synthèse (BioCIS, UMR 8076) – Cergy-Pontoise

      Cassandra Guerinot (PhD student) Organizing committee member
      Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF, UMR 6296) – Clermont-Ferrand

      Nathan Picois (PhD student) Organizing committee member
      Laboratoire Biomolécules : Conception, Isolement, Synthèse (BioCIS, UMR 8076) – Cergy-Pontoise


      WEB team

      Frédéric Bihel, Webmaster

      Laboratoire d’innovation thérapeutique (LIT, UMR 7200) – Strasbourg

      Oleg Melnyk, Webmaster

      Centre d’Infection et d’immunité de Lille (CIIL, INSERM U1019 – CNRS UMR9017) – Lille

      Loïc Stefan

      Laboratoire de Chimie-Physique Macromoléculaire (LCPM, UMR 7375) – Nancy

      Nicolo Tonali

      Laboratoire Biomolécules : Conception, Isolement, Synthèse (BioCIS, UMR 8076) – Paris-Saclay


      GFPP meeting presentation, Sept 2023


      Time to the meeting

      23rd GFPP meeting presentation

      On behalf of the Executive Board of the (GFPP), we have the great pleasure to invite you to the 23rd GFPP Meeting on Peptides and Proteins that will be held in Fournols from September 17th to 21st 2023.

      At the heart of the natural park of Livradois-Forez in Auvergne Rhône Alpes, the “Fournols d’Auvergne” center will welcome you for a meeting bringing together around 150 participants of chemists and biologists from public and private sectors.

      The scientific program will span cutting-edge themes in the peptide and protein science field, with the participation of national and international plenary speakers.

      An important part of the meeting program will be dedicated to communications presented by young scientists: about 30 oral presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts, and a large space will be available for poster communications. Around 15 grants will be attributed to PhD students and post-docs to cover their registration fees. The official language of the meeting is English.

      For any enquiry, please contact us: fournols2023@gfpp.fr

      Looking forward to seeing you in Auvergne!

      The GFPP board members

      Past GFPP meetings

      Past GFPP meetings

      Year City GFPP meeting number
      2023 Fournols 23
      2022 Port-Leucate

      22e GFPP / BPGM5, French-Belgian joint meeting

      2019 Amboise 21st
      2017 Arcachon 20th
      2015 Portbail 19th
      2013 Sète 18
      2011 Aussois 17
      2009 Albé 16
      2007 Dinard 15
      2005 Aussois 14
      2003 Biarritz 13
      2002 Aussois 12
      1999 Aussois 11
      1997 Montpellier 10: Fourth Forum on Peptides and Proteins
      1995 Aussois 9
      1993 Biarritz 8: Third Forum on Peptides
      1991 Aussois 7
      1988 Nancy 6: Second Forum on Peptides
      1986 Le Touquet 5
      1984 Montpellier 4: First Forum on Peptides
      1982 Chamerolles 3
      1980 Toulon 2
      1978 Pont-à-Mousson 1


      Abstract submission to the 23rd GFPP meeting_test

        Our sponsors_23rd GFPP

        GFPP23 Sponsors

        The successful organization of the GFPP meeting can only be achieved with the support of institutional and industrial partners. We thank all our  institutional and industrial sponsors for their trust for so many years now and for the years to come.

        As sponsor, your participation at the GFPP meeting will offer you the possibility to present your company and promote your products. If your company cannot be represented at the meeting, there is also the opportunity to enclose promotional material into participant packages. For any enquiry about all the opportunities available in terms of financial support, please contact us on Fournols2023@gfpp.fr.

        GFPP23 Industrial Sponsors

        GFPP23 Institutional Sponsors

        Venue_23rd GFPP


        The 23rd GFPP meeting will take place at the Fournols d’Auvergne center (moving marker on the map below) in Livradois-Forez (France).

        • By car: Motorway A75 until Issoire, then D999 and D37.
        • For your GPS: Latitude: 45° 31′ 22.8″ N, Longitude: 3° 35′ 38.7384″ E
        • By plane: Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport (60 km from Fournols)
        • By train: Issoire train station (40 km from Fournols), Clermont-Ferrand train station (65 km from Fournols)


        Bus transfers will be set up between the congress site and Clermont-Ferrand railway station on Sunday 17th September and Thursday 21st September. Please note that two bus shuttles will be organized on Sunday 17th September and a single one on Thursday 21st September (see the Table below). Exact time and place will be posted here and communicated by email to participants in due course.


        From To Departure time
        Clermont-Ferrand railway station Congress site 17th September

        2:30 pm and 5:15 pm

        Congress site Clermont-Ferrand railway station 21st September

        11:30 am

        Abstract submission_23rd GFPP

        Abstract submission 


        30th April 2023: deadline for oral communications submission

        15th May 2023: deadline for poster communication submission


        Please, use the following template to prepare your abstract:

        Template for abstracts GFPP23

        Please name the file as follows: GFPP_Abstract_YourName

          Meeting scope_23rd GFPP

          Meeting scope

          The scientific program will cover various themes in the fields of peptides and proteins:

          • Peptides and proteins structure elucidation
          • NMR and Molecular Modeling
          • De novo design
          • Peptides Natural Products
          • Drug Discovery
          • Chemical Biology / Bioconjugates/ Ligation
          • Methodology for the synthesis of non-natural amino acids and peptides
          • Metallopeptides / Peptidomimetics / Foldamers
          • Self-assembly and supramolecular edifices
          • Imaging and biomolecular sensor
          • Biomaterials

          Program and guidelines for presentation_23rd GFPP

          Program and guidelines for oral and poster presentations

          Preliminary program

          By clicking on the names in blue in the program you will be redirected to the conference abstract.

          (updated September 12, 2023)


          Guidelines for oral or poster presentations

          Guidelines for oral presentations
          The official language of the meeting is English.
          A 16:9 presentation format is recommended ( .ppt or .pdf files)
          Possibility to use your own laptop via an HDMI port or a local computer.  
          Guidelines for poster presentation
          The posters should be in A0 format in portrait orientation (no landscape).


          Invited speakers_23rd GFPP

          Invited speakers

          Inaugural conference

          Dr. Muriel AMBLARD

          IBMM, CNRS, Univ. Montpellier, France
          Exploring Structured Oligomers and PROTACS for Tackling Complex Biological Challenges

          Plenary Speakers

          Prof. Thierry BRIGAUD

          BioCIS CY, Univ. Paris Saclay, France
          Incorporation of fluorinated amino acids into peptides: from biophysical properties tuning to biological applications


          Dr Jean-Philippe Combier

          Laboratory of Research in Plant Biology, Auzeville-Tolosane, France
          Complementary peptides represent a credible alternative to agrochemicals by activating translation of targeted proteins

          Dr. Pascale DELANGLE

          CEA, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France
          Deciphering and mimicking metal binding sites in biology through peptide design approaches

          Dr. Veronica DODERO

          Bielefeld University, Germany
          Supramolecular Medicine: from Models to Gluten-related Disorders

          Dr. Céline GALÉS

          I2MC, INSERM, Univ. Paul Sabatier, France

          G protein activation BRET sensors: new eyes on GPCR activity

          Dr. Vincent HUMBLOT

          FEMTO-ST, Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
          Peptides on surfaces: from antifouling to biosensing applications

          Dr. Eric LINGUEGLIA

          IPMC, Univ. Côte d’Azur, France

          Peptide inhibitors of Acid-Sensing Ion Channels: Venom peptides to explore the role of ion channels in pain

          Prof. Claude TAILLEFUMIER

          ICCF, Univ. Clermont Auvergne, France
          Control of amide bond geometry – a guiding principle for the design of folded peptoids

          Prof. Markus WEINGARTH

          Utrecht University, Netherlands
          The Mechanisms of Lipid-targeting Antibiotics

          Prof. Christian WIDMANN

          UNIL Lausanne, Switzerland
          Uptake mechanisms of cell-penetrating peptides


          Dr. Birgit WILTSCHI

          University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, & acib GmbH, Austria
          Non-canonical amino acids as building blocks for recombinant peptides and proteins

          GFPP today

          Today, GFPP which brings together around 200 members who are the participants of GFPP biennial congresses. At this occasion, the GFPP board selects 25–35 young students whose registration and accommodation costs are waived. Besides the GFPP biennial congresses, the GFPP committee is responsible for organizing scientific workshops on specific topics. The GFPP board also promote exchange fellowships for short stays of its members in other French or foreign laboratories, as well as the participation of young scientists to international meetings.

          1992. French Peptides and Proteins Group

          In 1992, the GFP became GFPP (Groupe Français des Peptides et Protéines), and was structured into an association (according to the French law) with a scientific board of twelve members, a treasurer (André Colau at that time) and the French representative to the EPS Council. The twelve members represent the pluridisciplinarity of researches that are generally found in the peptide field as well as the different regions in France .

          1978. First GFP meeting

          In 1978, the first meeting of the French Peptides Group was held in Pont-à-Mousson, with the ambition to bring together French researchers in the peptide field from all origins .

          The success of this event prompted the GFPP committee to organize a meeting every two years.

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