Forthcoming thematic days organized under the auspices of GFPP

Symposium “Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Next Generation Delivery Systems”, Montpellier (France), Oct 5th – 7th, 2020

Regarding the worldwide situation about the
COVID-19, we are sorry to announce that the conference “Cell-penetrating peptides: Next generation delivery systems” will be postponed.

We are doing our best to find an adequate new date as soon as possible during 2021-2022.


Past thematic days organized under the auspices of GFPP

Proline & co – From synthesis to biological activities

Montpellier, 2-3 april 2012

Invited Speakers :
Brigida Bochicchio (University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italie)
Jean-Christophe Gelly (Université Denis Diderot, Paris, France)
Ernest Giralt (Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona, Espagne)
Helma Wennemers (University of Basel, Basel, Suisse)

Scientific Committee : Florine Cavelier (IBMM, Montpellier), Nicolas Floquet (IBMM, Montpellier), Isabelle Parrot (IBMM, Montpellier), Sonia Cantel (IBMM, Montpellier), David Aitken (ICMMO, Orsay), Marie-Christine Averlant-Petit (LCPM, Nancy), Sylvie Corneille (IBMM, Montpellier).

ProlineAndCo – scientific program

ProlineAndCo – Affiche

Probes for peptide science: design and methodological development

Paris, 8-9 avril 2010

Co-organized with the  Protein and Peptide Science Group (PPSG) from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Invited Speakers :
Maurice Goeldner (Université de Strasbourg, Illkirch, France)
Duncan Graham (University of Strathclyde, Glascow, UK)
Barbara Imperiali (MIT, Cambridge, USA)
Ludovic Jullien (ENS, Paris, France)
Justin E. Molloy (NIMR, MRC, London, UK)
May C. Morris (CRBM, Montpellier, France)

Scientific Committee : Fabienne Burlina (UPMC, Paris), Weng C. Chan (Univ Nottingham, UK), Gérard Chassaing (UPMC, Paris), Solange Lavielle (UPMC, Paris), Olivier Lequin (UPMC, Paris), John Offer (NIMR London, UK)

Probes for peptide science – scientific program

Médicaments Peptidiques et Peptido-mimétiques. Quel avenir pour les « chemical biologics » ?

Paris, 7 December 2010

Co-organized with the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique (SCT).

Invited Speakers :
Pierre Rivière (Ferring Research Institute, San Diego, USA);
Jean-Alain Fehrentz (IBMM, Montpellier, France);
Daniel Obrecht (Polyphor, Allschwil, Suisse);
Anders Dyhr Toft (Novo Nordisk, UK / Danemark);
Jorgen Wittendorff (Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Danemark);
Eric Zanelli (Peptimmune, Boston, USA).

JournéesSCT-GFPP2010 – scientific program

Du Glycosynthon à la Glycoprotéine: un défi pour Chimiste et Biologiste

Orléans, 27-28 September 2007

Co-organized with the Groupe Français des Glycosciences (GFG)

Invited speakers :
Sylvie Bay (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)
Henrik Clausen (Université de Copenhague, Danemark)
Morten Meldal (Université de Copenhague, Danemark)
Carlo Unverzagt (Université de Bayreuth, Allemagne)

Scientific Committee : Agnès Delmas (CBM, Orléans), Jean-Claude Jacquinet (ICOA, Orléans), Friedrich Piller (CBM, Orléans), Véronique Piller (CBM, Orléans).

DuGlycosynthonALaGlycoprotéine – scientific program


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