Nos missions

Le Groupe Français des Peptides et Protéines

Nos missions

Le Groupe français des peptides et des protéines (GFPP) est une association (au sens de la loi de 1901) qui rassemble depuis plus de quarante ans environ 200 membres adhérents qui sont de facto les participants aux congrès bisannuels du GFPP. Elle est administrée par un bureau composé de membres élus lors de ces congrès, ainsi que du délégué de la France auprès  de l’European Peptide Society (EPS), qui est élu tous les quatre ans par les membres français de l’EPS.

Le GFPP a pour missions :

De promouvoir le développement des recherches dans le domaine des peptides et des protéines.

De stimuler la circulation des informations scientifiques nationales et internationales dans ces domaines. Dans cette optique, elle organise les congrès GFPP de manière bisannuelle (4 à 5 jours) , des journées thématiques (1 à 3 jours) de façon régulière et gère une liste de diffusion par messagerie électronique (un à deux messages par mois).

De participer à la formation des jeunes chercheurs, ingénieurs et techniciens issus de laboratoire français. Le GFPP octroie régulièrement des bourses pour : participer à des congrès internationaux dans le domaine peptides/protéines (congrès de l’EPS et de l’APS) ou financer des échanges inter-laboratoires afin de disséminer de nouvelles techniques et de former les jeunes scientifiques aux approches pluridisciplinaires.

GFPP history_timeline

janvier, 2023

On behalf of the Executive Board of the (GFPP), we have the great pleasure to invite you to the 23rd GFPP Meeting on Peptides and Proteins that will be held in Fournols from September 17th to 21st 2023.


Time to the GFPP23 meeting

janvier, 2022

Today, GFPP which brings together around 200 members who are the participants of GFPP biennial congresses. At this occasion, the GFPP board selects 25–35 young students whose registration and accommodation costs are waived. Besides the GFPP biennial congresses, the GFPP committee is responsible for organizing scientific workshops on specific topics. The GFPP board also promote exchange fellowships for short stays of its members in other French or foreign laboratories, as well as the participation of young scientists to international meetings.

janvier, 1992

In 1992, the GFP became GFPP (Groupe Français des Peptides et Protéines), and was structured into an association (according to the French law) with a scientific board of twelve members, a treasurer (André Colau at that time) and the French representative to the EPS Council. The twelve members represent the pluridisciplinarity of researches that are generally found in the peptide field as well as the different regions in France .

janvier, 1978

In 1978, the first meeting of the French Peptides Group was held in Pont-à-Mousson, with the ambition to bring together French researchers in the peptide field from all origins .

The success of this event prompted the GFPP committee to organize a meeting every two years.

janvier, 1970

The French Peptide Group (GFP) was funded by Bertrand Castro (at the time professor at the University of Nancy) and Pierre Rivaille (CNRS Director of Research at St-Antoine Hospital, Paris) in the mid 1970s.

Lettre d’information du GFPP

Lettre d’information du GFPP

File name : GFPP-Newsletter-November2022_nouveau.pdf

Déposer une offre d’emploi

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    Master M1Master M2PhDPostDocOther


    Annonces d’emploi

    Annonces d’emploi

    Position typeTitleDuration (months)ContactLaboratoryCity, countryDeadline for submittingJob description
    PhD position in academiaDesign of a selective universal radiolabeling agent for PET imaging and radionuclide therapy36Dr Samir AcherarLCPM, UMR7375Nancy, France15/06/2023
    PhD position in academiaSynthesis of heterocyclic α- or β-amino acid analogues for the elaboration of pseudopeptides: Structural analysis, therapeutic application36Dr Samir AcherarLCPM, UMR7375Nancy, France15/06/2023
    PhD position in academiaDesign, synthesis and in vitro and in vivo evaluations of chimeric peptide analogues36Dr Jérôme LeprinceINSERM U1239, NorDiCRouen, France16/06/2023
    PhD position in academiaNMR of intrinsically disordered proteins : understanding the molecular basis for stimulation of the DNA repair protein hAPE1 by the prion protein hPrP36Dr Muriel JourdanDCM, UMR 5250 et IBS, UMR 5075Grenoble, France26/06/2023
    Postdoc in academiaDevelopment of new peptide based NIR probe conjugates for specifically and selectively detecting amyloid early biomarkers24Dr Nicolo TonaliBioCIS, UMR 8076, FluoropepitOrsay, France30/06/2023





    Our Sponsors

    Organizing & Scientific committees

    Organizing Committee

    Sonia Cantel

    Dr Sonia Cantel
    Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron
    IBMM, UMR 5247, Montpellier – France

    Steven Ballet
    Organic Chemistry Research Group
    OCRG, Vrije Universiteit, Brussel – Belgium

    Nicolas Inguimbert
    USR 3278, Perpignan – France

    Annemieke Madder
    Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry
    Universiteit Gent, Gent – Belgium

    Scientific Committee

    Vincent Aucagne
    Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire (CBM, UPR 4301) Orléans

    Steven Ballet
    Organic Chemistry Research Group (OCRG, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Brussel

    Frédéric Bihel
    Laboratoire d’innovation thérapeutique (UMR7200) Strasbourg

    Sonia Cantel
    Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron (IBMM, UMR 5247) Montpellier

    Florine Cavelier
    Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron (IBMM, UMR 5247) Montpellier

    Grégory Chaume
    Laboratoire de Chimie Biologique (LCB, EA 4505) Cergy-Pontoise

    Sophie Faure
    Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF, UMR 6296) Clermond-Ferrand

    Elisabeth Garanger
    Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques (LCPO, UMR 5629) Bordeaux

    Matthieu Giraud
    CordenPharma International, Switzerland

    Nicolas Inguimbert
    Centre de Recherche et Observatoire de l’Environnement (CRIOBE, USR 3278) Perpignan

    Olivier Lequin
    Laboratoire des Biomolécules (UMR 7203, Paris)

    Annemieke Madder
    Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Universiteit Gent, Gent

    Françoise Ochsenbein
    CEA Saclay (IBITEC-S/SB2SM/LBSR) Gif sur Yvette

    Isabelle Segalas-Milazzo
    COBRA (UMR 6014), Rouen

    Olivier Sénèque
    Laboratoire de Chimie et Biologie des Métaux (UMR 5249, CEA) Grenoble

    Dirk Tourwé
    Organic Chemistry Research Group (OCRG, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Brussel

    Registration form to the 22th GFPP / 5th BPGM

      ex: UMR7200, U62, etc

      Please note that the attendees having a single bedroom in a 2/3 bedroom apartment will have to share the bathroom with respect for sanitary rules

      To be considered for a GFPP-BPGM grant, you must submit your abstract on line for Oral Communication or Poster before 20th of January 2022.
      GFPP board will study bursary applications. The results will be communicated by email. In the event of a negative response, the registration and accommodation costs will be payable by order form (only for French academic laboratories), check or bank transfer.

      Please note that the attendees having a single bedroom in a 2/3 bedroom apartment will have to share the bathroom with respect for sanitary rules. Private apartment includes a private bathroom.

      Please note that the attendees having a single bedroom in a 2/3 bedroom apartment will have to share the bathroom with respect for sanitary rules. Private apartment includes a private bathroom.

      Please note that the attendees having a single bedroom in a 2/3 bedroom apartment will have to share the bathroom with respect for sanitary rules.

      BE CAREFUL : Purchase order (Bon de commande) is ONLY available for French academic laboratories
      All the informations required for paiement will be sent in an email of confirmation after validation of this form.

      IBAN: FR76 3000 3036 0000 0505 1595 563
      Reason for payment: Registration to the 22th GPFF / 5th BPGM

      If you additionally need a RIB, please contact us at

      Please send as soon as possible your purchase order by email to:
      Your registration will be validated upon reception of the purchase order.

      Association loi 1901
      Head office (siège social) address:
      Sorbonne Université, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris
      Mailing address:
      GFPP c/o Olivier Lequin, Laboratoire des Biomolécules, Sorbonne Université,
      Boite 182
      4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France
      SIRET : 411 413 644 000 13

      IBAN : FR76 3000 3036 0000 0505 1595 563
      Reason for payment : Registration to the 22th GFPP / 5th BPGM

      If you additionally need a RIB, please contact us at

      Located seaside of the Mediterranee, in the Occitanie Region (South of France) between Perpignan and Montpellier, you can very easily reach the “Rives de Corbières” center in Port Leucate by car ou train.

      Suiting to every interest (sport, gastronomy, culture) you will have the opportunity during wednesday afternoon to enjoy activities such as :
      Boat ride around the oyster parks and oyster tastingGuided tour of the fort of Saltes and Fitou (wine tasting)Visit of the Côte Vermeille (Fishermen’s villages and spare time in Collioures)Sea front sportive activity: Cable WakeboardI don't know yet

      Activities are free of charge, and the organizers reserve the right to cancel one or more of these activities as the case may be (weather, insufficient number of participants, etc.)


      Registration to the CPP 2020 in Montpellier

        ex: UMR7200, U62, etc


        MedChem 2019 – Peptide Drug Discovery: a Niche Area ?

        November 22, 2019 | Brussels, Belgium

        The objective of the event is to discuss the multifaceted therapeutic potential of peptides. Topics such as peptidomimetics and macrocycles, protein-protein interactions, peptide shuttles, chemical ligation and main aspects of peptide synthesis will be tackled.

        The confirmed speakers are:

        Linkers for Peptide Conjugation
        Prof. Fernando Albericio, University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
        Synthetic Immune System Engagers – a Peptide-based Approach to Immune-oncology
        Prof. Christian Becker, University of Vienna, Austria
        From Structure to Function: Peptide Recognition at G Protein-coupled Receptors
        Dr Anette Kaiser, University of Leipzig, Germany
        Macrocyclization as an Enabling Tool Toward Novel Peptide Drug Candidates
        Prof. Eric Marsault, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
        Targeting Receptor Complexes: A New Dimension in Drug Discovery
        Prof. Kristian Strømgaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
        Gate2Brain, Opening the Gate to CNS Therapies
        Dr Meritxell Teixido, Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Spain

        All participants are invited to submit abstracts for scientific communications. Out of the submitted proposals, 3 Oral Communications will be selected. The other accepted abstracts will get the opportunity to be presented as Posters.

        Submission deadline: October 10, 2019

        More information is available on

        Meeting presentation

        The symposium entitled:

        Challenges and prospects in chemoselective ligations: from protein synthesis to site-specific conjugation

        has been held in Orléans (France), from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th January 2020.

        This three-day international conference wass jointly organized by LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies and the Centre for Molecular Biophysics – CNRS Orléans. This event was held under the auspices of the French Peptide and Protein Group (GFPP) and followed three previous editions (Paris 2001, Lille 2008 and 2016) of short international meetings dedicated to chemical ligation. The official language of this meeting is English.

        Recent years have seen an exponentially growing interest in chemical reactions enabling the selective modification of proteins and peptides. These advances are intimately linked to the development of methodologies for protein engineering with an atomic precision, for the generation of well-defined antibody-drug conjugates or on-demand probes to decipher biological processes. Such chemoselective reactions are also widely utilized for the total synthesis and semi-synthesis of proteins through chemical ligation of unprotected peptide fragments, an approach highly complementary to recombinant production. The chemical reactions implemented for both purposes share the same requirements: compatibility with dilute aqueous solution at physiological pH, and tolerance to the myriad functional groups commonly found in biomolecules. These remarkable features inspired the advent of bioorthogonal reactions, which can be carried out in living systems.

        Sixteen invited speakers have accepted our invitation and covered the different aspects of these multidisciplinary fields, from methodology development to biological applications. In addition, contributions selected from submitted abstracts were presented as oral communication or poster.

        Abstract submission form

          Liste des conférenciers – Aussois 2005

          Aussois – 2005
          Quirion Jean-Charles (Mont-Saint-Aignan)
          Zhu Jieping (Gif-sur-Yvette)
          Coppey-Moisan Maïté (Paris)
          Antonny Bruno (Valbonne)
          Marchi-Artzner Valérie (Rennes)
          Chêne Patrick (Bâle, Suisse)
          Beck-Sickinger Annette (Leipzig, Allemagne)
          Sabatier Jean-Marc (Marseille)
          Hilgenfeld Rolf (Luebeck, Allemagne)
          Brown Katherine (Londres, Angleterre)
          Martinez Jean (Montpellier)
          Pebay-Peyroula Eva (Grenoble)
          Neumann Jean-Michel (Gif-sur-Yvette)
          Roux Didier (Pessac)
          Dive Vincent (Saclay)
          Gonzalez Bruno (Mont-Saint-Aignan)
          Schneider Pascal (Epalinges, Suisse)
          Communications orales
          Duru Christiane (Montpellier)
          Pannecoucke Xavier (Mont-Saint-Aignan)
          Ferrier-Berthelot Alexandra (Rennes)
          Mouls Laetitia (Montpellier)
          Karoyan Philippe (Paris)
          Le Grel Philippe (Rennes)
          Renaudet Olivier (Grenoble)
          Miclet Emeric (Paris)
          Da Silva Pedro (Orléans)
          Moniot Sébastien (Nancy)
          Bernay Benoît (Caen)
          Boturyn Didier (Grenoble)
          Carion Olivier (Lille)
          Moussa Amer (Montpellier)
          Mabrouk Kamel (Marseille)
          Cremer Gaëlle-Anne (Orléans)
          Raymond Jean-Louis (Berne, Suisse)
          Ranaivoson Fanomezana (Nancy)
          Thureau Aurélien (Nancy)
          Bechinger Burkhard (Strasbourg)
          Galloux Marie (Jouy-en-Josas)
          Khemtémourian Lucie (Pessac)
          Aumelas André (Montpellier)
          Sani Marc-Antoine (Pessac)
          Sagan Sandrine (Paris)
          Frisch Benoît (Illkirch)
          Martin Bénédicte (Rennes)
          Raguin Olivier (Paris)
          Tan Yossan-Var (Paris)
          Ouédraogo Moussa (Illkirch)
          Leprince Jérôme (Mont-Saint-Aignan)
          Trouche Nathalie (Strasbourg)


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          Prof. Daniel N. WILSON

          Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Hamburg  ―  Germany. « Proline-rich antimicrobial peptides targeting protein synthesis » (Abstract) Website

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          Registration Form

            ex: UMR7200, U62, etc

            IBAN : FR76 3000 3036 0000 0505 1595 563
            BIC : SOGEFRPP
            Reason for payment : Registration to the 21st GFPP

            If you additionally need a RIB, please contact us at

            Bus shuttles are scheduled for the trains arriving at Amboise at 17h21 and 17h38 on Sunday, and for those departing at 13h46, 13h55 and 14h23 on Thursday, so please book your tickets in accordance.

            Important notice: the SNCF website does not propose all the possible combinations of trains, and it can be necessary to do two separate searches, for example (1) your town -> Paris then (2) Paris-> Amboise.

            On tuesday afternoon, several excursions may be proposed, depending on the weather and the number of participants. Among this list, select those you may be interested :
            No excursionCanoé/kayak on the LoireVisit of 2 cellars and wine tastingVisit of the Château de ChenonceauInternational Garden Festival at the château de Chaumont sur Loire

            How to get to Amboise

            • The 21th GFPP meeting will be held at the Villa Bellagio resort, located 3 km away from the town center.
            • By car: Motorway A10 then D31 (19 km) /  motorway A85 then D31 (15 km).
            • OpenStreetMap link
            • GPS: 47.3918,1.0066
            • By plane: Paris airports then train.
            • The Amboise train station is well deserved including frequent connexions from Tours TGV station and direct trains from Paris ( .

            Bus shuttles are scheduled for the trains arriving at Amboise at 17h21 and 17h38 on Sunday, and for those departing at 13h46, 13h55 and 14h23 on Thursday, so please book your tickets in accordance.

            Important notice: the SNCF website does not propose all the possible combinations of trains, and it can be necessary to do two separate searches:  (1) your town -> Paris then (2) Paris-> Amboise.

            Taxi companies in Amboise

            • Allo Taxi Olivier Jovenin 56 place Michel Debré – 37400 Amboise Tél. : 06 07 19 08 13 ou 02 47 57 13 53
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            • Taxi Éric Jovenin 4 allée Pont Moulin – 37400 Amboise Tél. : 06 88 02 44 10
            • Taxi Roxane 3 Domaine de l’Aumonerie – 37130 Saint-Michel-sur-Loire Tél. : 06 25 37 92 97 ou 02 47 96 75 75
            • Taxi Vinci 12 avenue de la Verrerie – 37400 Amboise Tél. : 06 14 44 12 09
            • Taxis Magog 71 rue de Chenonceaux – 37270 Saint-Martin-le-Beau Tél. : 06 15 75 08 48
            • Taxi Jouannot 15 allée Aung San Suu Kyi – 37400 Amboise Tél. : 02 47 57 68 36 ou 06 08 54 24 34

            Registration to the 21st GFPP

            Registrations are now closed

            Key Dates:

            1st November 2018 : opening of registration and abstract submission

            18th January 2019 : deadline for oral communications submission and young researchers bursary applications.

            1st March 2019 : end of early bird fees for registration.

            15th March 2019 : deadline for poster communication submission.

            1st April 2019 : end of registration.

            12th May 2019, 6:30 pm : official opening of the congress

            Registration fees includes :

            •Access to all scientific sessions • Abstract book • Full board accomodation (lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) at the Villa Bellagio resort in AmboiseExcursions on Tuesday afternoon
            • Welcome reception and gala dinner

            Note that the above-mentionned fees apply for twin room accomodation (academic or private company delegates) or triple rooms (students/postdoc). A single room option will be available (not applicable for students/postdocs) at a supplementary cost of 150 € for academic delegate and of 130 € for private company delegate.



            We are pleased to announce that the next meeting of the French Peptides and Proteins Group will be held in Amboise (Région Centre-Val-de-Loire), from Sunday 12th to Thursday 16th May 2019, in the beautiful and historic Loire valley area.

            Note that 2019 will be the 41th anniversary of the creation of the GFPP and also the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, who spent his last years in Amboise, in the Chateau du Clos-Lucé, located a few kilometers away from the conference center.

            We have gathered a rich program of plenary speakers, spanning cutting-edge themes in the peptide and protein science field.

            A large part of the program will be dedicated to oral communications from young scientists. As usual, around 20 grants will be attributed to young investigators to cover their registration fees.

            The official language of the congress is English. All participants will have to register online. For any enquiry, please contact us.

            Looking forward to seeing you in Amboise !

            The GFPP board members

            Download the flyer and the poster :

            Mimoun AYOUB

            Membre du bureau
            MImoun Ayoub
            Bruehlfeldweg 14 – 8112 Otelfingen, Suisse
            Tél: +41 79 937 5302
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